Backgammon online. Play backgammon for free and read rules

Backgammon is an international variation of Backgammon. Classic Board game for two players.

In backgammon 🎲🎲 the skill of strategic game with a person dominates. Play 🥇🥈🥉 backgammon with real people or multiplayer with friends. The average duration of the game is 6-9 minutes.

The impact of luck due to the roll of the dice may be great in one game, but in a series of games, the stronger player will win more often. Therefore, international offline Championships and online tournaments are held on our website for backgammon.

Rules of the game of backgammon

The top game Backgammon does not lose its position, although many other online games have been developed, especially free mobile and downloadable games on the tablet. Fans of the Board game backgammon have the opportunity to play together on the server «YellowClub» browser against real players or against a friend.

Setup – initial placement in backgammon

15 pieces of the same color are placed per person, and the players pawns are arranged symmetrically. The placement of white:

  • Two chips on the first mark;
  • Five chips at the twelfth mark;
  • Three chips at the seventeenth mark;
  • Five chips at the nineteen mark.

Backgammon – the initial position of checkers.
Backgammon – the initial position of checkers.

Setup – type of black.
Setup – type of black.

Goal of the game

The main goal is to move your checkers faster than the real opponent around the entire perimeter of the Board to the house and bring the checkers off the Board.

To better understand the essence of moneygame, you can play for a few weeks for fun with your friends.

Quadrants — the location of the chips on the quarters

The Board in backgammon has twenty-four points, with elongated triangles applied to each of them. These triangles in online backgammon are grouped by quarters, each with its own name:

  • One-six — house for white bones;
  • 7-12 — white bones' yard;
  • 13-18 — black bones' yard;
  • 19–24 — house for black  bones;
  • In the middle of the playing field – a bar — a place for the knocked-out chips.

Backgammon: the layout of the Board.
Backgammon: the layout of the Board.

Goal of the game

The main task in backgammon online — faster than the opponent to hold all the chips through the Board and drag them first into the house, and then withdraw from the game arena.

Right of first move

Players roll one die in turn. The one with the highest value plays white, and he goes first. If the dice values match, both repeat the roll.

White makes the very first move with the values of the dice that fell out during the first move.

Example of drawing the first move
Player №1 throws six
Player №2 throws one
The first one wins and plays white.
He must make a move with the same 6 – 1 dice

The first moves are implemented as a selection of caps.
The first moves are implemented as a selection of caps.

Rules for executing moves

At the next stage, the maneuvers are performed in turn, each throws both dice necessarily on «their» side.

Simple Backgammon is interesting and addictive, especially if you come across an interesting and sociable real opponent. If you are lucky and it is located in your city, meet and play together. You can exchange contacts during a two-person competition for free. To play and make the best moves in backgammon, open the page in full screen.

The numbers on the dice indicate how many points the player needs to move their checkers. Movements are always performed forward, each moving in its own direction.

The direction of movement in a backgammon.
The direction of movement in a backgammon.

The direction of white's movements.
The direction of white's movements.

For practicality, the black ones are mirrored.
For practicality, the black ones are mirrored.

When the same values appear on the dice — it is a double or a jackpot. The player gets the right to make four moves with the dropped value, that is, as if the person has thrown 4 dice. You can move from any of the slots.


The following rules must be observed when making a move:

  1. You can't go to a busy point. In backgammon, a slot with 2 or more checkers is considered occupied – E. The next item will be considered unoccupied:
    • With checkers such as – A, D, and F
    • Empty – C
    • With one opponent's checker – B-the opponent's checker will be beaten.

    Possible moves of the black in backgammon.
    Possible moves of the black in backgammon.

  2. If you get on the slot with one of your opponent's checkers-B-you knock it off the Board and move it to the bar. The rules for knocking out backgammon are described below.
  3. Each number indicates a separate move. What you can't do is sum up the ZAR values. When a move is made to the «total point», keep in mind that the chip must have the right to pass it by separate permutations. The intermediate point should not be occupied.
  4. Separate steps are not allowed for white to become → total too.
    Separate steps are not allowed for white to become → total too.

    The light passes discretely to the total point.
    The light passes discretely to the total point.

  5. If a player can't use one or both dice, they stop playing.
  6. The player must use both dice, even if this move is not profitable. If you can walk only one cube, and the second is nowhere to go, then the player must use a cube with a large value. When a double is dropped, the player must use the maximum number of dice.

Each gamer can only move checkers of their own color, and the move is considered completed when the person passes the ZARS to the opponent. When competing in several games, the opponents change their chips. The one who previously moved the white ones gets the black set and comes in second.

In backgammon, you need not only intellectual abilities but also certain tricks – this will allow you to «fool» a real opponent. You can play with your computer for free and without registration.

Play backgammon without registration online

Among the heap of table games online – backgammon is very popular around the world. An interesting game for two games, in which you must move the chips around the game zone. It is valuable to deftly vary tactics and strategy, calculate the probability and gain experience of correct and bad moves.

On the site, you can play two-person Backgammon for free and without registration with real people or with a friend. Disputable situations are always promptly resolved by the administration of the online project. The game is played on a PC in the browser and is also available from the browser on Android and iPhone.

How to knock out and charge a checker in backgammon

The main feature of backgammon (from its Russian variation) is the ability to knock a single opponent's checker off the Board. Knocking out is the first rule you need to learn to understand how to play.

When you have the opportunity to go to a slot where there is only one opponent's pawn, you can stand on this field and knock the opponent's piece on the bar (off the Board). The General rule for beginners is that if you are in doubt to cut or not — knock it out.

How to charge a checker

If a person has a checker on the bar, then he must load it first. He can't move other pawns until he has recharged all the checkers from the bar.

A checker from the bar is loaded into the opponent's house. The score starts from the first slot at the edge of the playing field.

When a person is not able to charge from the bar, he does not move other pieces and loses the saved moves.

White charges from the bar and immediately knocks out black.
White charges from the bar and immediately knocks out black.

Deaf block in backgammon online

Can I block 6 moves? In contrast to the classic Long backgammon, you can build a blind block (six or more slots are closed) at any time of the game. It is not necessary that the opponent's chip is ahead of the block. But due to the fact that you need as much as 2 or more checkers to close the slot, the block is usually built in your home.

How to set a home Gammon and how to win the game? One of the strategies for winning with Gammon is to try to «close» your house and knock out your opponent so that he can't charge up and miss moves. Even if you do not succeed in building a blind block of 6, even if you block some positions in your house, the opponent can lose about 11-22 pips.

Black is blocked on the bar and does not dare to charge.
Black is blocked on the bar and does not dare to charge.

Rules for throwing checkers off the Board

When the player starts all 15 checkers in his house, he goes into the «throw» phase and can remove the checkers from the Board. It is legal to remove roundels from the playing field only from the positions that fall on the dice. When taking a double, you can withdraw 4 chips. When throwing, the player can remove a round from the Board (move it to a special field on the Board) from points 4 and 2. If the 4 slot in the house is empty, the player is forced to walk inside the house from 5 to 6 points.

The blacks went into the house and started ejecting. And the whites haven't come in yet.
The blacks went into the house and started ejecting. And the whites haven't come in yet.

As with a normal move, players are required to use all available ZARS, if possible. A person is not obliged to throw away if he has the ability to walk in his own chorus-he can walk.

In online backgammon, if a real opponent can still knock you out, then the tactically correct move is not to throw away and hide your chips from the blow.

If, after the player has already thrown some pieces, he is knocked out on the bar, he must first return them to the house again, then continue the throw. At the same time, as long as the broken round piece is outside the house, it can walk inside the house, but it does not have the right to throw it away.

A good tactic is to hold your checkers in the house of a live opponent, then knock them out. The main task here is not to fall into the trap of your real opponent.

The result of the game in backgammon

The first person to remove all their checkers from the Board wins. An ordinary win in backgammon online with a real opponent is called an oin. When playing Backgammon for money in the yard-this is 1 bet.

Oin — acts as a kind of normal victory of 1 point. The winner brought out all the pieces, and the loser brought out at least one. If it is a match, the winner gets 1 point. And in moneygame, this withdrawal brings the initial amount of money.

Gammoned – two-time-win by 2 points. The winner brought out all the pieces, and the loser did not throw at least one checker. The bid/points are doubled. Home Gammon is considered the same as Gammon.

Backgammoned is a three-time 3-point winner. Like Gammon, he didn't throw anything away, and at least one of his pieces remained on the bar or in the enemy's house.

The bid/points are tripled.

Ordinary / simple victory - oin.
Ordinary / simple victory - oin.

This is what Gammon looks like in backgammon.
This is what Gammon looks like in backgammon.

This is what Backgammoned looks like in Backgammon.
This is what Backgammoned looks like in Backgammon.

Game with a draw in online backgammon

You can play Backgammon online with a draw. Live people preselect a parameter for playing with a draw.

The difference is that when white first removes all their chips from the Board, black has the right to make their last move. White went first, so they had an advantage of one move. If they have time to remove all their own, it will be a draw. It is considered as a separate variation of backgammon.

The giveaway game

With This parameter, a classic game can be turned into a giveaway. The goal of the game with people is changing – you need to try to lose in international backgammon, that is, the last to remove all your pawns. There is no Gammon or Backammoned in this type of online backgammon.

Playing online backgammon on the computer for free

Previously, in Internet backgammon, real players were offered to fight with the computer. This game quickly gets boring – the computer does not write messages online, does not raise the stakes, does not offer a rematch in another kind of backgammon. On the site you can play online with live people for free and without registration, on a PC. At the same time, you do not need anything other than a browser, even a full-screen flash player is not necessary.

To start an online game of backgammon, go to the YellowClub and click the trial game button without registration. In a few seconds, the game Board will open with a well-designed and intuitive interface. On the right, you will see the nickname and photo of the real opponent. Even on a weekday, the waiting time for a real opponent is only a few seconds. If not, call your friend to play.

In the evening, the number of online gamers reaches several hundred, and new online applications for two are created constantly. That's why a lot of backgammon players choose a free game on the computer on our website instead of going through the courtyards with a game Board.

Online Backgammon has the advantages of:

  • You can play in any place where there is an Internet. Backgammon 2.0 can be downloaded to your phone.
  • The site constantly has numerous players from different parts of the country and the world, so you do not need to spend time searching for a real opponent.
  • Yellow Club allows you to communicate with other users on the forum and in chat rooms and participate in tournaments.
  • All games are free of charge.
  • For users, it calculates the rating (including the team rating), which can be used to see how good the player is.

Board game Backgammon develops care and calculation — it is useful to play it. Internet backgammon allows you to hold a party even at lunchtime in the office, which is very convenient. A cool way to get out of work and reboot. In addition, you will not have to play with a computer, but with a real person.

Backgammon with live people am not an obvious way to meet or chat with friends. In the chat, you can prearrange an online meeting to play with a specific opponent.

Varieties of backgammon

Caucasian backgammon

In your home, you can not knock out the enemy and hide (or immediately throw). There are no such restrictions on playing in the house in international rules. This is the only difference between a backgammon according to the Caucasian rules. Above are the international rules of the game for beginners with pictures.


Nackgammon rules of the international backgammon differ only in initial position.

The number of chips is 15. From holes where there were 5 pawns, 1 pawn was removed, and they are placed next to the hole «heads».

Photo layout in Nackgammon.
Photo layout in Nackgammon.

Hyper / Hypergammon

The difference from international backgammon is that only 3 pawns participate in the game. A good variety for starting an online learning game of Backgammon for children. Gammon is not counted.

Picture of placement in Hypergammon.
Picture of placement in Hypergammon.


Starting position: all pawns in the first position of the opponent in the house. By pips it's a game in a Long backgammon. Register by leaving your mail and play with real opponents.

The initial layout in Longgammon.
The initial layout in Longgammon.

Randgammon–1 — random blot

All the chips are the same for the players, but randomly (in Russian – randomly) are placed in positions of 1 or more checkers. You must have at least 1 blot. There are no blocks of 6 checkers. In the initial position, the players pawns did not miss each other. How to place them in a real game is up to you.

The arranged on the Board in Randgammon–1.
The arranged on the Board in Randgammon–1.

Randgammon–2 — random

All chips are the same for players, but they are randomly placed in positions of 2 or more checkers. Unlike Rundgammon-1, there are no blot points occupied by only one pawn.

The spaced slots in Randgammon–2.
The spaced slots in Randgammon–2.


The construction is as follows:«arrows» alternate one at a time in all positions on the Board. In the last position, players have 4 arrows.

Building shooters in backgammon «Shootout».
Building shooters in backgammon «Shootout».

Shot on the spot – Sudden Death

The first one who knocks out the opponent's checker wins the game. Use the correct placement according to international rules. In a rare case, if the pawn was not knocked out, the player who first displays all their pieces wins. No Gammon or Backgammon.

Black wins by knocking out the opponent in one move.
Black wins by knocking out the opponent in one move.

Plakoto / Tapa

Plakoto-popular in Greece-the translation is close to the words «Cover», «Close». In Bulgaria, it is called Tapa. How to place them correctly? The initial placement of checkers is the same as in longgammon. There's no «Backgammoned» result.

Closing the opponent's chip

In Plakoto / Tapa online, there is no knocking out the opponent's chips. You can look like an open chip – and close it from the possibility of movement, and not knock it out. The covered chip is trapped and cannot move until the opponent removes their chips from it.

Backgammon Plakoto is the location.
Backgammon Plakoto is the location.

Closed slots in Plakoto.
Closed slots in Plakoto.

Victory in Plakoto by closing the mother's draughts.
Victory in Plakoto by closing the mother's draughts.

Closing the mother's chips in Plakoto

White mother's draughts in backgammon Black mother checkers in backgammon
Mother checkers

The last piece in the starting slot is the mother piece. If the opponent closes the mother piece in its initial position in the starting slot, the player will lose with Gammon.

But if the opponent closes your mother piece, and its pawn has not yet left its first position and is in danger of being closed, then the game continues. A game in which both mother checkers are locked ends in a draw.

Plakoto Express

If a player has a double on the dice, he is given the right to make four moves according to the value of the dice that fell out, and then the player continues his moves in doubles up to sixes. Analog of mad backgammon in long.

If the player is unable to make any of these moves, then the opponent must make the non-played moves.

If a player cannot start playing a discarded double, it is not played and does not pass to the opponent.

If the player has brought all the checkers into the house, the progression of doubles stops.

You can move around the house.

Snake / Serpent

Backgammon Snake is an ambiguous variety due to its asymmetric placement.

The chances of winning are equal, plus or minus, but it is not clear who is easier-to play from a normal position, or to enter the game from the Board. You need to «fill your hand» to play well in the snake.

White has a full-screen layout similar to international backgammon. And black has 9 chips on the bar and the rest at the beginning of white's house.

The arrangement in the variation is a Snake.
The arrangement in the variation is a Snake.

Additional rules in backgammon

Cube Doubling


In online backgammon (short), it is possible to play with double bets. For this purpose, a special Dove cube is used, whose faces are marked with even numbers - from 2 to 64.

Cube Doubling — allows you to raise the bet during the game a certain number of times.

backgammon: doubling cube

A player who feels an advantage can offer an increase in the bet before starting their turn. Only after you roll the doubling cube can you roll normal dice.

When raising bids, the opponent can not pass, otherwise he automatically passes the game and loses a point. By accepting a bet, the gamer becomes the owner of the Dove cube and can increase the bet again. The number of magnifications is limited to ×64.

Counter doubling — beaver

A player accepting a «Dove» bet increase can immediately offer a «beaver» counter raise and is entitled to the next bet increase.