Play backgammon online. Play backgammon for free and without registration

Backgammon (online) is a classic Board game for two players. Play online international backgammon and other variations of backgammon in different countries with real players or with a computer. With or without registration – backgammon is free and does not require you to install the app on your phone, tablet, or PC.

On the site, you can play online backgammon in the browser against each other. It is important to play with a live opponent, not against a computer, because a real player communicates and shows his passion for the game. Read the rules, register for free and play backgammon for two.

Backgammon for free and without registration

To start a game with a friend, you do not need to install an app or download something to your phone. Just go in and play online backgammon for free against the computer or with real people.

The site is designed without flash software, please read people's reviews below. The Board is displayed in the browser, you can play with 2 players on the same computer, or with another real opponent. Everyone gets access to live people who are ready to play backgammon now, online.

After a simple registration – you need to leave your mail to play against each other (you will not be able to do without registration). It is better to register via social networking sites, then your name will be in the rating.

Learning to play is better to start with learning the rules of the game with pictures. The rules are clear even for children.

Backgammon online for two with a live opponent

The difference between competing with real players and fighting against the computer is live communication. The network does not transmit the feelings of excitement from the gameplay that are present when fighting offline. And playing with the computer and this pleasure is not. Playing backgammon in the browser is an alternative to playing with friends, which does not kill the soul of an ancient game with a rich history.

Backgammon for two with a real opponent.
Backgammon for two with a real opponent.

On the site, you can play online backgammon in the browser against each other. It is important to play with a live opponent, not against the computer, because the real player communicates and shows passion. Read the rules, register for free and play backgammon for two.

Backgammon for free and without registration

To start a game with a friend, you do not need to install an app or download something to your phone. Just go in and play online backgammon for free against the computer or with real people.

The computer can play as smart as it wants, but the awareness of a person «fighting» with a PC processor, and not a live player, kills all the fun. Beautiful gameplay in full screen, lack of registration and free-this will not replace.

Play backgammon online in the browser together with a live opponent on the site. Every day there are online backgammon tournaments where you can play for three or four. Every month there is a team championship in Internet backgammon. Register and join the team for free, or create your own.

Backgammon for beginners

Learn to play backgammon step by step, fighting against the computer and learning how to make the best moves. Instructions for beginners on the variety of Long backgammon-click here.

Backgammon rules for beginners-learn here. Find out how many chips are in backgammon, what is the arrangement in classic backgammon. Download a step-by-step video for beginners or watch it online.

Step-by-step rules for beginners

  1. Setup of chips.
  2. Determine who will go first.
  3. Roll 2 dice before each move.
  4. Move the chips according to the scheme in separate movements.
  5. Bring all the roundels into the house.
  6. Make the first move.
  7. Try to win with Gammon or «Backgammon». The next step is taking the prize.

For beginners, it is important not to rush to play cool and fast. Take small steps in learning. Step by step understand how to play, learn all the subtleties and conditions of the game. Use different tactics and strategies: running ahead, locking up, and getting out of the house quickly. Read detailed instructions with pictures on the rules and watch the tutorial video.

Types of backgammon

Short backgammon is a classic international variety. Long — this is mostly Russian backgammon (and Greek).

Types of short

  1. Caucasian backgammon — after a blow in your own home, it is forbidden to hide.
  2. Nackgammon – other initial placement.

    Nac Ballard introduced Nackgammon
    Nac Ballard introduced Nackgammon

  3. Hyper / Hypergammon – there are only 3 checkers in the initial layout. Look at the pictures.
  4. Longgammon-the layout is similar for Long ones. See the picture to see where the house is.
  5. Randgammon-1 / Randgammon-2-the initial placement is random, with or without blots.

    Randgammon–1 – placement option.
    Randgammon–1 – placement option.

    Randgammon–2 – random placement.
    Randgammon–2 – random placement.

  6. Shooting - a gambling position in the debut. Look at the picture.

    Shooting – starting placement
    Shooting – starting placement

  7. Shot on the spot – the most gambling variety. Not ru quote:
    One shot, one hit.
  8. Plakoto / Tapa — Greek backgammon online. It is necessary not to knock out, but to lock.
  9. Serpent – Snake — backgammon with an asymmetric arrangement. Standard tactics and strategies don't work.

Other varieties: American, Dutch backgammon, Icelandic, Turkish, Matador, Chase, One-two, Japanese.

Types of long

  1. Classic. Backgammon Nardi.
  2. Nardgammon — the barrier «run» is forbidden to put.
  3. Crazy / Mad – if a double falls out, it means that the older doubles are playing.
  4. Gulbar and Crazy Gulbar – if a double falls, another throw is made.
  5. Khachapuri / Tbilisi backgammon-a type of Gulbar, a different layout. Where whose side is on the photo. In offline play, a bet is made for non-discarded checkers.

    Backgammon Khachapuri
    Backgammon Khachapuri

  6. Fevga and Fevga Crazy – an unusual arrangement at the start. Open the rules online.

More variations: six-one (6-1 / Shesh Besh), Even-odd, Emir.

Backgammon online: tactics and strategy

Tricks and traps that are possible in a battle with a real opponent offline-on the site are not possible. The program controls the non-interference of players in the randomness of the throw, in compliance with the rules of fair play. Tricks and cheating are simply impossible.

Disputes are resolved by the administration, and fraud is not possible. The administration is entitled to expand the process of maneuvers step by step, if there was a violation of the rules. In online there is no cheating, cheats and tricks-this guarantees control of the integrity of the game.

In a fair game, the professional will win more often using the developed tactics and strategies in their maneuvers on the Board. He will make the best moves, he knows life hacks how to quickly count pips and play so as not to lose in simple versions of backgammon.

In Plakoto, the standard strategy doesn't work
In Plakoto, the standard strategy doesn't work

A professional knows the winning tactics, some of them can be found in backgammon books. He is good at counting, knows math and everything about backgammon. After finding such a player on the site, you can arrange a master class to help you find your mistakes in the game and suggest the right moves. He will be your assistant in the development of backgammon, will give advice on using the doubling cube (Dove's cube) when playing for cash.

What is Gammon and «Backgammoned» in backgammon?

Gammon (Mars) – what is it? When one player withdrew all the chips, and the second did not have time to withdraw – this is a double game. To put Gammon in backgammon, you need to use the tactic of locking the opponent.

This is what Gammon looks like in backgammon
This is what Gammon looks like in backgammon

«Backgammoned» in backgammon, this is like Gammon, plus the player has a checker left in the opponent's house or on the bar. According to international rules, this is backgammon. Winning with Cox brings three points, or three bets.

This is what «Backgammoned» looks like in backgammon
This is what «Backgammoned» looks like in backgammon

Home Gammon is like a double victory, plus the opponent brought all 15 checkers to the house. According to international rules — this is a gamon, it is considered a win of 2 points or a double bet in backgammon with withdrawal.

There is no «Backgammoned» in Long backgammon. But real players can agree to take it into account.

Type of winnings Points Betting odds
Oin — simple bet 1 ×1
Gammon — Double bet 2 ×2
«Backgammon» — Triple bet 3 ×3

Frequently asked questions

Is backgammon a game of chance or not?
In a single game called moneygame, Yes. An Amateur can have strong throws. In a match – it is no longer a gambling game, since a professional will play better in a long game. Therefore, «Backgammon online» hosts major international Championships.
Can I put 6 in a row in backgammon?
In backgammon, blocking is always allowed. In backgammon long, you can't close them if there is no opponent's checkers in front of you. But you can build a Prime with a gap.
Can I pay for premium status and get a bonus?
Yes, pay for the status for three months or more.
How to play bitcoin?
There is no such option.
What if I paid for VIP status with money and I don't like it?
Write to the support service and the withdrawal will be made.
Is it allowed to use an additional app or bots for the game?
How many checkers are there on the Board?
15, but in some real sets there are 17 of them, two checkers are spare.
How to play with a friend for two?
Create accounts, sit at the same table and fight together over the network.
How do I play for free without paying for services?
Play a trial game - always for free with your computer, even without registration.
Download backgammon to your phone or play in the browser?

Backgammon works online via the browser of all mobile phones: IPhone, Android, or Samsung. You can also install the app on your iPad and LG tablets without the outdated flash technology. You need to click on the site icon and hold it, then without downloading the app icon will be created on the main screen.

When working on Microsoft Windows 7-10, there may be minor inconveniences when sitting at the gaming table. We recommend that you download the Chrome browser for free and download the site from it.

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